We believe in a simple,
straightforward, three-dimensional
mission strategy centered around:

  • Developing customer-focused IT solutions
  • Improving research technologies
  • Providing cost-effective results

News + Releases

February, 2013

College Scorecard

The College Scorecard is a sleek and sophisticated new online consumer information tool wholly designed and developed by the INOVAS team. The tool is designed to assist prospective students and their families in comparing potential schools...

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June, 2014

INOVAS New Website Press Release

INOVAS, one of the nation’s premier providers of education data operational systems, is proud to announce the launching of their new Website.

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Featured Project

IPEDS Data Center

The IPEDS Data Center is our cutting-edge, web-based tool for the retrieval and analysis of IPEDS data. The system allows users to access and evaluate institutional data using a wide range of analytical features...

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